I've had a few questions on this now. "Is the copy of Windows Server to be given away at the Australian launch a full copy?"

As part of the Australian Windows Server launch (you know the "Heroes Happen Here" thing - yeah I know the name is a bit crap...) we have been saying that we intend to give away Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition worth $2500 (in our valuation). Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

I thought it was time-bombed or a not for resale copy (NFR) but I've since found that the copy is full packaged product (FPP) which means you can indeed use it in production and just buy the CAL's needed to connect to it. Yes that's right - its a full copy of Enterprise edition which means its worth the money we valued it at.

If I was an IT Manager I'd send my whole team along! For the $200 ticket cost, getting a full copy of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (along with the 4 free virtual instances) per attendee represents a great ROI - even if you don't plan to use it for another year or so. And that's without the deep training you'll get from attending!

Come one come all!!