Overnight we released to beta testers Windows Vista SP1 RC1. I like to try new things out so I applied it to my shiny new Lenovo T61p. I also like to try and see what sort of experience happens when the end users end up applying this so I performed an update from Microsoft Update rather than a full download.

There are a couple of prerequisites that need to be applied first - these are servicing updates and are pretty small. Only a few meg each. Once these are done then you get the option of deploying the service pack. In my instance it said the download was going to be about 125MB in size. Nothing to sneeze at but given the reports of much a bigger download than that you may be surprised....or not.... Either way I have a broadband connection so it didn't take that long really...

Applying it took about an hour - which was pretty much bang on what it said it would be. It required an initial copy phase that took about 15 mins or so before the first reboot request and then once you allowed it - it did the main service pack bits.

All up I found it to be a very easy and smooth process with no hiccups and barely any interaction to make it happen.

So what do I think?

It definitely feels snappier. Definitely. This was a major criticism of many people that the system just seemed to lag while it did stuff. Now it seems to be much more responsive. Things start faster and they appear on your screen faster.

Nothing else changed really - it just seems to feel a lot better....