So last night I was pretty scathing of the hybrid drive performance on my new Lenovo T61p. 001157MH80_2D_medium.jpgToday's a different story. Just as an experiment I tried running on battery and did my normal day to day activities. I simply pulled the power on it, left in it in the "balanced" power mode and worked. And worked.

I typed emails. I communicated with Jeff over webcam and voice. I received phone calls through it. I read stuff. I browsed the web for blog stuff. I made some Powerpoint slides and prepared for some presentation. You know just day to day stuff.

Almost to the dot - four hours later the fun was over as it slipped into hibernate...

The hybrid drive performed great. Much of the time it spun down the drive and sat there doing not much at all. The HDD light flashed on and off but it was reading from the nvram - not the disk itself. When it needed to it spun up again did its disk activity and spun down. At times it did it a lot. At times not much at all.

To me the proof of the hybrid was in the time. Four hours - without even plugging in the extended battery. Wow. It might not be the fastest but it seemed to help run it longer.

Now I'm curious as to others and whether they have achieved the same on a T61p with a standard 7200RPM...any takers?