So before I start blogging about the stuff I saw last week at our internal conference I saw something that I just had to take a photo of in Seattle Airport:

Take a look at the BK Stacker in the middle. In the centre of the photo is a two meat pattie burger which already looks massive but then I looked to the left and there was a three pattie burger....Oh my goodness I just doesnt get any bigger than that but then I looked to the right. Oh Yes if three massive lumps of meat isnt enough theres the four pattie version for you! Imagine trying to eat that!

So I asked the guy at the counter - "Do you sell many of those?"

"We sell a few' he said

So Im imagining a guy with a mouth the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to fit his mouth around it. I couldnt help but laugh!

Update 23/2/2007:

So on Friday just gone I was at McDonalds with the family. Im relating to the staff there about the gigantic burgers they have in the USA. They say to me "We have those here too - we do make a four pattie burger but we're not allowed to advertise it on the board - you want one?" I politely decline and realise that I need to update my blog.....:)