Good news - the patch for Windows has gone live to the downloads site and can be found here Thanks to David and dogs for making me aware that it released. Theres more to come in December with an Exchange patch coming.


We are about to make the site live on that refers to the impacts and release dates for the changes. That site will be Its either going to go live today or tomorrow. Watch out for it and follow the guidance carefully!!


To answer Brad Saviel's and Glens questions on my previous post. The issue will be Outlook calendar items. Because these calendar items were all created before daylight savings came into effect all calendar items will be out by one hour. This is even after the patch is applied or through the the use of the manual methods such as registry changes, the use of tzedit.exe or manually switching timezones the effect will be the same...the computer will think that its moved timezones because these items were created before the patch was applied. The reason Sydney or Melbourne dont face this is that their machines already have daylight savings aware timezones and their calendar items were created with this in mind.

Theres a good article to reference on this topic that affected the country when the Commonwealth Games timezones were present for the year. Its at and provides advise on the likely impacts. Do not download the package within this article though! It was for the Commonwealth Games not WA DST!