Currently were in planning for next year's Security Summit event - likely to be March 2007. I have some ideas Id like to bounce off you to see if you think they are relevant.

We havent fully thought about the content yet though the structure is important to make sure that people attend and see relevancy of the content.



1. The majority of technical people cant make it during business hours to a Microsoft technical event because they either are on billable time and cant get the time from their company to attend or they are the only IT person supporting their organisation and all hell would break loose if they attended a technical training event!

2. Even if you could attend, you wouldnt because in your opinion its all marketing content anyway and stuff you can find on the web etc etc.


Initial thoughts

1. Timing: We make the event start at about 8:30am and run it for 3 hours maximum to minimise time out of the office or billable utilisation time

2. Relevancy: We style the content to focus deeply at the architecture of the technology or solution (no overviews) - to give you the jump start to getting hands on yourself and answer most of the questions youre likely to encounter in building it yourself.

3. Takeaways: Once you know how the solution works after we've showed it working and how the core functions are configured we give you the setup document and some preinstalled images for you to learn on and configure yourself.

4. Followup: We provide an online web forum/chat for you to be able to ask questions - post the event with further questions on the content or clarification on solution config etc.



So what do you think? Interested in your thoughts on what would make you attend. Write a comment or send me an email