On the way home Friday after work I had to pick up my son from where my wife was working. As I parked I noticed a fantastic bright red Ducati 748. Now anyone who knows me will know what a bike fan I am - and Ducati to me represents the Ferrari of the bike world! Despite this sense of awe over these Id never actually ridden one! So I went inside to get our boy and asked who owned the Duke. It was one of my wife's colleagues who Id never known to ride a bike let alone a Ducati!! Needless to say my opinion of him just jumped several notches - anyhow - I found out he was selling it and as Ive been thinking of getting a bike again for several really good selfish reasons I felt it necessary to check it out more :)

Long story short - I got to ride it! I havent ridden big bikes in awhile now so wasnt used to the sheer acceleration and the truly wonderful noise that a V-twin can make...it scared the crappers out of me...and I think Im in love with an Italian...(dont tell my wife!). Its priced very good....Should I buy it?