Today I got some of the photos from the keynote I did. Ill share them...



As part of the keynote I did the cool Exchange Unified Messaging demo - you call into Exchange 2007 and get it to read your voice mail messages and change calendar  appointments. I keynoted with Andre Mintz from the Security Business Unit in Redmond. I think we did ok!


The amazing photos are of the Hong Kong Park. Its a beautiful park - an oasis in the middle of the city.

TechEd HK 079TechEd HK 087


Well Im done now here. I just did my Windows PE and Windows Deployment Services session. It went well. I did a complete deployment of a notebook in 20mins fully automated using the WAIK and the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 toolkit. Lots of questions afterward and people were writing down lots of notes which is a good sign. If you were there please let me know what you thought of it!