A lot of people come up to me after presentations and ask what sort of hardware I use. Im a big AMD fan - I have an HP nx6125 laptop which is AMD 64 bit powered and for ages Ive had a small server in an Antec NSK1300 case that I take around with me too. I even take it onboard the plane as carry-on luggage :) I use it to run virtual machines because frankly laptops suck in performance compared to desktop units. It had an AMD 64 bit 3400+ Socket 754 proc in there and 2GB RAM...till today!

AMD renovated it with new goodies. It now has an AMD X2 4200+ AM2 proc in there! Yes I needed to get a new motherboard but thats a good one too. I got a Gigabyte Micro-ATX board to suit and the best thing is that it has an onboard NVidia Geforce 6100 video card and support for a huge 16GB of main memory!! Ive got it spec'd out with 4GB of DDR2 memory and it whips along! Wanna see inside? Ok then :)

 I will be taking it to TechEd Australia and NZ with me and will be demoing off that. Come and check it out!