Ive been watching the news lately on the terrorist arrests in the UK and Pakistan and of course the mayhem on the security clampdown with hand luggage. So what was the threat here? Liquids, gels and other powders (though not baby formula...wonder if that will be chemically tested before its allowed!) could potentially be chemicals with which to construct a bomb. Fair enough. They probably arent so necessary on board anyway and in reality if someone had done a thorough threat analysis they should never have been last time we went through this mayhem.

Is it completely necessary though to ban everything? Isnt that quite an overreaction? Did someone miss the threat here? Im reading this article on BBC news about musicians not being able to take their instruments on board. Just take a look at the comments on it!

Now the last time I checked musical instruments like cellos and violins were made of wood. Surely screening procedures can X-Ray through wood.Whats the threat of a violin being taken on board? Hmm....maybe I could bash it over the head of someone?....or constantly play fiddlesticks to the death of passengers? Now I dont want to trivialise the good work of airport and airline staff but they just arent equipped to stow fragile equipment like musical instruments, cameras, laptops and the like - despite their assurances. I never check in any of my computing equipment when I travel. I just dont trust them to keep it safe from theft or damage plus they seem to be able to scan them easily and confirm it isnt a bomb. Additionally the baggage handlers dont really treat your belongings with any sort of respect despite the carefully placed fragile tags you put on them. Ive personally watched them load a plane and throw the bags several metres in the air on top of each other....

So I guess this means no more extra jumper to keep warm, no noise cancelling headphones, no change of clothes on a long flight and definately no computer. These are all apparently a threat now in the ever increasing overreaction to terrorism.

Can someone please do a decent threat analysis now?