Well thats another successful event - the only bummer was that it was out of town - will fix that for next time! Sydney Melbourne and Canberra are next week - I know Sydney and Melbourne are in good locations!

I took a look at the eval scores for the event yesterday - by the looks of it people got a lot out of it with people putting in great scores and indicating that they would definately come next time!

I think the real important thing here is that its not a panel style of thing...(yes I know we advertised it like that) but its very much presentation style...and without slides so we cant ramble on forever but get to the point a lot quicker :)

I took some video of it last night and will try to get some snippets up on the web shortly!

You know you wanna come! So register at: http://www.microsoft.com/australia/eforum/TechNetInterchange.aspx