Lately while I have been watching my MCE box Ive noticed that no matter whether Im watching SDTV or HDTV I keep getting these little glitches....not major but enough to be annoying. Initially I thought it was poor signal so I bought an external antenna and installed it.....NOT FUN! Ever tried to get a coaxial cable up between double brick walls on a hot day? Hmm...anyhow I finally did it and after reseaching on Google where the broadcast towers were, I pointed it in the general direction. It improved things a little and stopped the pixellation going on but didnt fix the glitches. So back to the MCE box.

Then I realized! Its the disk subsystem. When the MCE box decodes the picture it streams it onto the disk straight away. That takes a dedicated channel and I wasnt giving it that. I have two for the boot/system drive and the other larger drive had the pagefile and recorded TV cache on it. Doh! The pagefile writes were interrupting the flow of data to the recorded TV cache causing my glitches in now I have the recorded TV cache on its own (including its own channel) and the the pagefile is moved back to the system/boot....much better and no glitches....nice!