Hey theres more! Though Im still waiting on the technical ones...heres the ones that are there already though.

To help you with the people though...Jesper and Steve are Security Program Managers - and probably well known to all! Kristian and Charlie are Program Managers in the Exchange team.

  • Exhibition Hall - Day 2 (.wmv, 13.6MB, 3min 46sec) *NEW
  • Map Point Session (.wmv, 26.2MB, 7min 5sec) *NEW
  • Jesper Johannsen and Steve Riley Interview (.wmv, 16.5MB, 4min 31sec) *NEW
  • Security with Jesper Johannsen (.wmv, 7.9MB, 2min 16sec) *NEW
  • Kristian Andaker Interview (.wmv, 13.5MB, 3min 44sec) *NEW
  • Charlie Chung Interview (.wmv, 11.8MB, 3min 16sec) *NEW
  • ADO SQL Server Presentation (.wmv, 4.6MB, 1min 21sec) *NEW