Recently one of my friends (who works in a small business) went a bought a shiny new Netgear WG302 AP. Apparently supports WEP with 802.1x authentication, WPA with know...all the fruit!

Well for the last two Sunday afternoons we tried to get it work. We first tried 802.1x (legacy as it calls it!) with WEP. Didn’t seem to want to hand out an initial WEP key to the clients like the Cisco Aironet 1200 ones do and then do a RADIUS authentication like its supposed to.  So I gave it a shared key like it wanted and then configured the client. Still didnt work. Tried lots of different things. RADIUS auth just not happening. Ive done this before with the Cisco units and they just worked.

So we tried the settings for WPA with RADIUS....again failed. Tried with two different RADIUS servers, applied WPA hotfixes, different PC’s. We even installed the new firmware to the unit. We installed WPA2 hotfixes on clients in case that was it....

The only way we could get it to work is with either no encryption at all (and no authentication either) or fixed WEP 128Bit only again with no authentication.

So...maybe I missed something. Can anyone actually get it working with authentication?