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MIIS Provisioning Event Demo

MIIS Provisioning Event Demo

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For those of you that have wondered what MIIS can do for you...Ive kinda bottled up a quick demo of a provisioning event from a SQL Table (HR source) to create an Active Directory object. This is a short blogcast Ive recorded based on my demo from the Security Summit in Australia. I went into quite a bit more detail in the Summit though! Shortly we will have all the presentations from the Summit along with a short blurb on the main points and a small blogcast like this so that others who couldnt attend can see a bit of it for themselves.

Click here for the blogcast!

  • Great little blogcast!

    I'm actually trying to get MIIS to work for me as a matter of fact and having some trouble with the Active Directory portion of it. I'm able to get the objects into the metaverse, but I can't get them provisioned out to AD. That's where I'm stuck. Don't suppose you could blogcast a little bit of info on that? :)

  • Very good Demo. How do I go about picking up basic info in MIIS?


  • Yep...sure. When I get a bit of time I will...

  • Go to http://www.microsoft.com/miis

    Lots of great information up there!