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MSStyles and Windows XP Media Centre Edition

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Joe posted a question with regards to a couple of us using a different visual theme at the Summit than the default Windows XP blue toolbar etc.

The answer is that Windows XP Media Centre's recent release sported a new visual theme called "Royale" and uses a shiny looking rounded toolbar aswell as a different Start Menu look. I grabbed it from that though Im not sure about licensing implications of this...


  • Yeah, I grabbed that and use it on my machine as well. It was released as well as a free download for Tablet PC users. Don't know why they don't extend it to all XP users--don't we deserve it too?

  • Hey yupp that's right it's called "Energy Blue", I've been using it on my M200 tablet for yonks. You can grab it at:


    Apparently with a bit of mucking around you can get it to install on non tablet machines, haven't tried this though (would assume it's not supported etc):


  • Old news. SInce last year

  • Interestingly this theme replaced my beloved Watercolor Ergonomic one - something I thought would never happen :]

    And it is a shame that the Royale theme is for Tablet XP users only: don't they have enough cool stuff anyway?