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Dear Diary...

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Man, this blogging thing is becoming a diary of my day....

Isnt BizTalk 2004 the best product! Ive been doing a project with a team for awhile connecting BizTalk 2004 to SAP for business process orchestration and exposing SAP interfaces through adapters in a way that they can be readily exposed through web services etc. Really breaks down the monolithic application silos. Anyway, the project has allowed us to show a bunch of others how it could be done and provides a real demo of SOA. They love it cause they can see how they can save money for their companies. Im showing another customer BTS2004 today. Hope they like it.


  • It sure it Michael! And I've heard about this terrific new Microsoft partner in Australia that is 100% focussed on delivering BizTalk solutions. Check out:

  • Glad to hear you like it. :)