Hiya! Im Michael Kleef. Ive been at MSFT for 4 years now as a Technology Specialist helping customers understand the value of Microsoft's technology and what they can do with it. Ive just started a new role as an IT Pro Evangelist. The title certainly has some interesting connotations and my friends and family kinda think that its quite amusing for me to be an “evangelist“, but whats that mean? Essentially Microsoft needed to help IT Pros feel valued just like we have done over the past years with developers.

We havent done a great job of that in the past for IT Pros. So my role, one of 70 people around the world, is to build some community spirit and foster the online and local direct community involvement. You know, kinda like getting the IT Pro community helping one another again like it used to do years ago. So we're making changes. Im the first one in the world, based in Perth Australia and want to help make a difference. If youre in Australia and finding that you dont know where to find information about Microsoft's events and activities that run around the country then get plugged in!

Register yourself at http://www.microsoft.com/australia/technet/default.aspx and join the TechNet Lounge. We're here to help and we want to know what you want to hear from us. Im actively posting and helping others also on our online newsgroups at microsoft.public.windows.server.active_directory and microsoft.public.windows.networking.firewall. If you have a question, get on the newsgroups and ask!

Looking forward to seeing you all at our events!