Windows Server 2003 R2 Technical Overview

Questions and Answers:

Asked: Is there an upgrade path from 2003 to 2003 rd?

Answered: Yes, supported upgrade paths for Windows OS’s can be found here

Asked: Do all my servers have to be 2003 R2 for the new DFS to work?

Answered: To take advantage of all the enhancements yes, however 2k boxes can still work in this environment

Asked: If I upgrade from a W2K3 DFS, will the existing settings be saved?

Answered: I am farilry certian in the testing I did this you had to reconfigure it. take a look here for more info:

Asked: as a developer, can I access the ADAM repository as well to facilitate SSO perhaps?

Answered: Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM): ADAM, an independent mode of Active Directory without infrastructure features, provides directory services for applications. Operating as a stand-alone data store or interacting with an Active Directory domain controller, ADAM's flexibility enables administrators to tailor their directory services infrastructure to varying degrees of local control/autonomy or shared services. ADAM provides a data store and services for accessing that data store, uses standard application programming interfaces (APIs) for accessing application data, and works with ADFS to provide a user store for extranet application authentication.

Asked: Is there any documentation detailing the upgrade process from 2003 to 2003 r2?

Answer: Yes