Steveb's most recent exec mail pours out roadmap info and special customer love for medium business (50-250 PCs). You can grab the exec mail RSS feed here.

Steve and Bill are speaking this week at the Business Summit 2005, read their stuff here. If I can find a blogger posting from the summit I will post their link here.

The exec mail give some announcement details about Centro:

"In July, we launched the Windows Server System for Midsize Business promotion that includes Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Operations Manager Workgroup Edition, all under a single umbrella with attractive pricing specific to midsize organizations. Along with the next version of Windows Server, we will launch a new integrated product, code-named "Centro," that brings together Windows Server, next-generation Exchange and security technologies, and a new integrated management experience designed for the IT professional in a midsize business. "

It also announces the launch of

Looks like they are launching the IT Capabilties assesment this week as part of the summit as well, the summit page says:

  • The IT Scorecard was developed by Microsoft and independent research firm Keystone Strategy. It rates your IT systems in the areas of sales and marketing, finance, operations, employee productivity and collaboration, and IT infrastructure. Find out how your company fares.