There have been a lot of question reagarding the capabilities of using the MAC Messenger client with OCS 2007.

Messenger 7.0 client is similar to OC client on PC with presence, groups, etc.

You can grab Mac Messenger 7.0.1 here.

Features of the Mac Messenger 7.0 client:

  • Presence
  • 1-1 & Multi-party IM
  • 1-1 & Multi-party Voice and video support with other OCS users
  • Exchange Global Address List Search
  • Enhanced Presence
  • Bonjour support
  • Office for Mac Integration
  • Support for OCS Public IM Connectivity (connect to OCS off campus)
  • NTLM & Kerberos Authentication
  • Emoticons
  • Secure IM - - encrypted. Same protocol as OC
  • Spell check – This is a nice Mac only feature
  • Multiple Points of Presence – MPOP implantation similar to OC – the ability to sign in with the same account on multiple devices
  • Integration with Office for the Mac – display presence information for people that are in your Messenger contact list, start IM, add user as Messenger contacts, Integration in Entourage, Word, and Project Center…
  • Conversation History Archive – saving Instant Messages and reviewing them in the Conversation History view.
  • Selectable sign-in status – the ability to sign in with a specific status set (Busy, Away, Available…)
  • File Transfer

Here is a very useful matrix:


The full article from: The Three UC Amigos