Join us for a discussion about environmental sustainability and the role of technology in reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption, and operating costs.

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Reducing the impact of business operations on the environment and lowering operating costs are leading business imperatives.

Please join Microsoft and other enterprise business leaders for an interactive discussion on the best practices in delivering environmental sustainability solutions, including:

· Reducing IT energy consumption and carbon emissions

· Managing energy efficiency and your environmental footprint

· Rethinking business practices to positively impact the environment

External sustainability experts will join us to share their expert insights on the importance of delivering environmental sustainability.

Amid the awareness of global climate change and the scarcity of affordable resources, businesses worldwide are looking for new ways to advance their commercial interests while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprints and operating costs. Businesses that leverage technology to achieve these objectives not only optimize for the future, they also deliver better business results today. Green solutions aren't just good for the planet, they're good for your business, too.

As the world's largest software company, Microsoft is committed to reducing our own corporate environmental impact, as well as delivering environmentally sensible solutions. With solutions that cover your desktop, datacenter, and cloud based computing needs, Microsoft is leading the way in helping businesses "go green" in ways that benefit your bottom line.

We hope that you will join us for this in-depth discussion about sustainability best practices and problem solving.

· DATE: Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

· LOCATION: Microsoft Office, 201 Jones Road, Waltham, MA 02451 - Directions

· REGISTRATION from 8:30am


· The Environmental Sustainability Business Imperative

· Environmental sustainability practices at Microsoft

· Environmental sustainability panel discussion: Hear from other local business leaders

· Microsoft Environmental Sustainability Solutions

· Architecting your environmental solutions

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