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  • Blog Post: This Week, May 29, 2007 - D5, Now That's a Speaker Line-Up!

    Every Monday I sit down to figure out what the hype of the week will focus on. I've decided to start blogging about it as time allows. I have no idea where this concept is going or whether I will keep it up... :-) There's a conference going on this week in CA, hosted by the Wall Street Journal, named...
  • Blog Post: Quest webcast on change control for Active Directory

    I just signed up for this webcast.  Looks interesting so I thought I would share. Reserve your place today
  • Blog Post: Best placard to ask for money, ever

    Spotted last week while we were in Seattle. I did not actually see this sign but a friend of mine saw the guy and unfortunately didn't have any money to give him. "Dad killed by Ninjas, need money for Karate lessons." If anyone has a photo, please post. Technorati tags: Ninja
  • Blog Post: Moved my RSS feed to Feedburner

    So, if you subscribe and wouldn't mind taking a second, please swap out the URL in your reader. Why? It solves two problems for me. First, it will tell me if anyone is actually subscribing. None of your private information, just # of people. I'll keep blogging...
  • Blog Post: TechReady - my commute via LiveMeeting (aka, running myself virtually)

    While many, many, many people from our field have made the trek to Seattle this week to attend one of our bi-annual internal technology briefings I am attending from home.  I log in via the web and organize my Outlook calendar with the sessions I want to attend, and then join each session via LiveMeeting...
  • Blog Post: Do you remember your first mp3?

    My Saturday mornings often mean getting up early to play with the dog, kid, drinking coffee, and sitting down to search for new music. That's why I love subscription music services, it lets me download everything I can get my hands on and then delete out the things I later decide I don't care for. Do...
  • Blog Post: Creating a "Digg This" Link for IE7

    I've been wanting a shortcut I can stick in IE7 to quickly Digg sites. I'm sure this exists somewhere but I didn't find it right away so I wanted to post what I got to work in case I need to someday come back and find it quickly. javascript:void(location.href='
  • Blog Post: Links from presentations during the week of 3/9/2008

    In order to cut down on the number of Emails that will circulate as follow-up traffic from presentations this week, I am posting all links here. This page might be updated as the week goes on, if so I will annotate links accordingly to distinguish newer information. This page is not syndicated and will...
  • Blog Post: Weekend blog entry: taking quick notes in meetings - saving clicks and keystrokes

    Reducing overhead goes beyond just infrastructure tools, there are also ways to reduce the amount of time you put in to things like managing meetings and documentation.  I've found this to be a best practice that others might be able to use.  If you have OneNote and Outlook, you have all the...
  • Blog Post: Minneapolis launch event today!

    I am at the Minneapolis launch event today for Windows Server, SQL, and Visual Studio.  You can find me in the Windows Vista booth, we'll be discussing SP1 and the "better together" features of Vista and Server 2008.  If you are attending the launch and especially if you are a guest...