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  • Blog Post: x64 drivers for the smartcard reader in HP laptops!

    Sweet, I just heard, tested, and confirmed that the drivers HP has posted for the TI smartcard reader work for 64-bit even though they are only listed in the category for 32-bit versions of Vista. I am only able to test this on my nc8430 and my nx6125, beyond those two models I have no idea whether this...
  • Blog Post: I’m back baby, and I’ve brought the HP Mini 1000 (or The Minzilla Project, Part Uno)

    After many months away from the blog, I’m finally back. You guys/gals in EDU have powned my calendar since Hyper-V went RTM. I’ve decided to let all the stale Email in my inbox get staler (turns out that’s a word?) and get back to blogging, an activity I have been missing in my routine. I’ve no shortage...
  • Blog Post: Why I need the HP 2710c tablet

    I just keep getting more excited about the new line of tablets from HP. You all know my fascination with HP gear to begin with, but here are a few more reasons, the things I don't like about it so far (it's not out yet), and my asks. This machine looks as powerful as my nc8430, in a tablet! http://h10010...