Off Campus

Michael Greene

March, 2008

  • KMS 1.1 for Server 2003 is Release to Web

    The new version of KMS for Server 2003 is now available for download.  As stated on the site, KMS version 1.1 for Windows Server 2003 provides: A single KMS host which supports volume license editions of both Windows Vista RTM/SP1 and Windows Server...
  • How to build Server 2008 media that only contains Standard Edition

    In order to make installation and distribution a simpler process, the Server 2008 DVD available for download contains all four versions (Web, Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter) with both full and core installations available. Over the last two weeks I have received the same question from several Universities - is there any way to provide media that only contains Standard Edition? There are many educational institutions where a single entity on campus maintains licenses for many or all departments across campus and in order to prevent installation of the wrong version they would like to separate the installation media. To resolve this issue, I'll demonstrate how to create a DVD that only contains Standard Edition.
  • Manage Hyper-V from MMC in Vista SP1

    The Virtualization team has announced the MMC snap-in to manage Hyper-V from Vista SP1 is now available for download.  This is a nice compliment to the recent release of RSAT! Vista x64 Edition:
  • VAMT 1.1 is now available

    Thanks to Paul for following up to the comments thread . The Volume Activation Management Tool 1.1 is now available for download from Microsoft downloads:
  • Weekend blog entry: taking quick notes in meetings - saving clicks and keystrokes

    Reducing overhead goes beyond just infrastructure tools, there are also ways to reduce the amount of time you put in to things like managing meetings and documentation.  I've found this to be a best practice that others might be able to use. ...
  • Where do I find Vista Enterprise on the Volume Licensing site?

    Popular question this week - I would like to install Vista Enterprise SP1 but I am unable to find it on the volume license website for download.  Can you assist? There is a trick to locating it, just remember that Vista Enterprise is only available...
  • Vista SP1 - Standalone Update now on MVLS

    Yesterday I promised the stand alone update would be coming soon.  I just checked and the 32-bit version is now available on the Microsoft Volume License Services website (MVLS).  I am expecting the 64-bit version to follow soon.  I'll...
  • Novel/Microsoft interop info

    Linking to a post I just spotted, you can order a bracelet with 2GB of storage pumped with info about how Novell and Microsoft are working together to provide value to customers.  There are also a couple of whitepapers for those interested. http...
  • Links from presentations during the week of 3/9/2008

    In order to cut down on the number of Emails that will circulate as follow-up traffic from presentations this week, I am posting all links here. This page might be updated as the week goes on, if so I will annotate links accordingly to distinguish newer...
  • WebDAV for Server 2008 - released to web

    As posted by Robert McMurray -
  • Quest webcast on change control for Active Directory

    I just signed up for this webcast.  Looks interesting so I thought I would share. Reserve your place today
  • Installing Vista SP1 on the machines you don't manage

    Vista SP1 is now available from MVLS, the download center, and from Windows Update. As a trusted IT admin in Education what should you communicate to your constituents? Here is some fodder. What changes in Vista SP1?
  • Hyper-V Release Candidate download link is live

    I've been holding back all morning to post anything until the download links actually became available.  It looks like the new pages are being published and have started replicating out to the globe. This updates the Windows Hypervisor technology...
  • NTFS permissions for Redirected Folders (or Home Directories)

    Last week a windows admin asked if I knew what the permissions should be for the root level share of home directories or redirected folders.  It has been a few years since I looked this up and I wanted to be certain I had all necessary ACLs, so I...
  • Remote Administration tools (RSAT) now available!

    Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista for x86-based Systems Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows...