Off Campus

Michael Greene

January, 2008

  • Teaching green

    Congrats to my mom, who was recently recognized for her efforts to take her classroom outdoors and help students learn in the REAL world! A great first step towards helping students appreciate why they should...
  • Using OneNote Shared Sessions In The Classroom

    Normally I do not just post links to other sites but this is a great! OneNote Shared Sessions for In-Class Groupwork | Teaching, Technology, and Learning
  • Using WS-Management to get a Remote Shell on Server Core

    Over the last two weeks I must have built, tore down, and rebuilt my test lab 8 times. I've been experimenting with every option I can come up with for my Hyper-V install to test performance, admin tools, and searching out answers to a variety of questions from customers I met with over the last few weeks. I have a new favorite command: winrs -r: cmd In the first couple of go-rounds I was enabling RDP on the Server Core machine. RDP to the Server Core instance, then run command lines. This works fine but if I am just going to use the command line, wouldn't it be better to use a remote shell? I could enable Subsystem for Unix Applications and install the Interops OpenSSH package so I could use Putty, but then I came across an interesting section in the step-by-step guide: