Off Campus

Michael Greene

March, 2007

  • Link: Changing where BDD installs the Distribution folder

    Good to know!
  • Link: Deepfish!

    New mobile browser - what it is and where to download courtesy of on10. Link to EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: New mobile web browser – Deepfish! | Larry Larsen | Channel 10
  • Change Office 2007 from blue to black

    This is great, I would even go so far as to call it sexy. You can change the color scheme in Office 07 from blue to black or silver. Here's how: Open Word (or any office app) and click the Office button. Now click on the Word Options button on...
  • Link: First look at the Xbox 360 Elite | Tina Wood | Channel 10

    Channel 10 just posted the first of two announcements in regards to the Xbox 360. According to an earlier post the second will come tomorrow. This is an overview of the new Xbox Elite. A key take away for me was that they are planning to release a 120GB...
  • Link: MCEDev's Media Center Cutter (MCML) for Vista Media Center

    WOW, that is cool. This blog discusses a possible feature for the next MCE to allow video editing within the 10 foot view. I would use this A LOT. Link to Big Screen Blog: Preview: MCEDev's Media Center Cutter (MCML) for Vista Media Center
  • Vista Hardware List

    Pretty cool site to list out devices and systems that have been certified for Vista.
  • Hanging out at MMS

    It's been a good week so far at MMS. The opening reception was fun with a lot of familiar faces floating around. I've been in the EdSG group long enough to know quite a few people who work in education and get excited about ConfigMan, OpsMan, Longhorn...
  • Space in the system tray

    I just learned something new about Vista. I've noticed there was an empty space on the system tray but didn't understand why. It's a divider between system applications and 3rd party apps with systray icons.
  • Xbox announcement coming tonight?

    You might have noticed that Xbox Live was offline this afternoon for maintenance as they mentioned in the announcement last week . Check out these sites. Obviously some cool stuff coming!!!
  • Watching video podcasts on your TV

    I'm amazed how much the ability to get video from your computer to a TV has evolved in the past year. I remember in college when we hacked around with early All-in-wonder cards to get goofy videos or games to show up on a TV. The outcome was always this...
  • NetMon 3 published to web

    Along with various other new utilities such as a new release of BgInfo for Vista. Link to Microsoft TechNet: Windows Sysinternals
  • Digital Flashcards you can share

    Learning is not a simple process. What has always worked for me when I needed to memorize a lot of information is simple flashcards. I've created and thrown away countless stacks of notecards in attempt to memorize everything from 6th grade history info...
  • Link: SoftGrid Virtual Labs

    Finally back to my office for some lab time to rework demos and presentation content. In fact, before the week is over I hope to reach out to a few of you MVPs for input! I'm excited to see this virtual lab for testing SoftGrid come online, especially...
  • Link: NIST guide for securing Windows Vista

    From the site (3/19/7): NIST has collaborated with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and Microsoft Corporation to produce Microsoft's Windows Vista baseline security settings for the Enterprise (EC) and...
  • Link: Visual Studio Works in Vista!

    Excellent - I've been using Web Express Edition a lot for gadget development. I'm glad to see these issues fixed! Link to The Vacuum Tube : And There Was Much Rejoicing: Visual Studio Works in Vista!
  • Get your Vista machine ready for St. Patrick's Day!

    You wouldn't want to bring bad luck to your gear would you? Here's a simple trick to bring good luck and avoid pinching... More info on St. Patrick's Day 1. Right click on your desktop and select "Display Settings". The click on "Windows Color and Appearance...
  • Search Virtual Earth from the IE7 x64 browser search field

    Click the drop down next to the magnifying glass icon and then click "Find More Providers". In the custom search creator give it a name like "Virtual Earth" and then use the following as the search string:
  • Great article: why/when 4 GB of memory will not be recognized

    Just last week someone asked me why their 4 GB workstation was showing up with 3.5 GB of memory. From reading over some Email threads I knew it had to do with how the BIOS and hardware were using memory and presenting it to Vista but I didn't recall the...
  • Good reference, how to dual boot Vista and Linux with BitLocker enabled.

    Last weekend I spun up a dual boot environment with Ubuntu and Vista. It worked find even with BitLocker enabled TPM+PIN. I used Grub as the boot loader but here are instructions for using Vista's boot loader. Link to Port 25 : Using Vista's Boot Manager...
  • When you use Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP to modify a Windows Vista registry hive, Windows Vista registry key flags are removed

    I bring this up because it's the link in the components node in BDD that refers to a patch for Offline Servicing for XP and 2003. It has to do with servicing WIM files offline within XP and 2003, NOT offline servicing of XP and 2003 images. Link to When...
  • Hibernation DOES prompt for your BitLocker PIN

    I recently discovered that when you resume from hibernation, BitLocker will in fact ask you for your PIN. That's really good ! NASA published an article with the same findings. At the time the article was published the machine they tested didn't have...
  • Open PDF documents in Outlook preview

    I've been using this add-in for a couple of weeks now but Foxit has been my preferred PDF reader for several months. I find it to be very fast and functional. At last, with the preview handler I can open PDF files directly in Outlook! (update 3/7/2007...
  • Local gas prices report in Excel

    This is an old trick with a new tool. Not exactly related to Vista deployment although I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could find a table somewhere in the deployment tools and mine that data instead. This is just a cool trick, plus if you are interacting...