Next week I'm going on the road to visit schools in Denver, Phoenix, and Las Vegas back to back to back.  I'm about to hop on a conference call with a peer to discuss the agenda.  I'm thinking about abandoning the slide deck (I hate slides) and creating a tips and tricks type demo.  I haven't come up with the list yet but it should be easy enough.  Care to help?

  1. Pull the Vista WIM from the DVD
  2. Mount the WIM read/write
  3. Load the WIM in SIM
  4. Set default language, image, user.
  5. Save/store answer file.
  6. Mount the registry hive and make a change
  7. Add drivers to WIM offline
  8. Unmount WIM
  9. Store WIM in new VHD, boot new VM and apply WIM to OS volume, discuss doing so from a network share
  10. Boot 2003 server VM with new VHD, discuss WAIK install
  11. Add image to WDS
  12. Add answer file to WDS server, add to image
  13. Open RemoteInstall folder to discuss RWM vs. WIM
  14. Create capture WIM
  15. Create discovery WIM
  16. Add WinPE to Boot Images
  17. Create discovery ISO
  18. Boot VM, use discovery CD to connect to WDS and start install
  19. Boot existing Vista VM
  20. Run sysprep
  21. Boot to WinPE ISO
  22. Append Image to existing WIM
  23. ImageX /info to display images
  24. Span images
  25. Export an image