Off Campus

Michael Greene

June, 2006

  • Test Drive Office 2007

    Ever hear someone ask if they could get a copy of Office 2007 to test? Now you don't have to actually install Office to try it out.
  • Windows Security and Directory Services for UNIX

    Yesterday a guide was posted to TechNet that provides guidance on integration of UNIX systems with their Active Directory environment. Windows Security and Directory Services for UNIX Guide v1.0 From the guide: This guide shows you how to achieve...
  • How one University shared information on their desktop management solution

    I've been working with the University of Iowa for a few years and have had the pleasure of meeting some amazingly intelligent and successful people. Just a few of those people were among the Enterprise Client Management team, lead by Chris Blasen. Chris...
  • Cool .NET projects from Universities

    If you've read my blog at all you know one of the things I love the most about working with Education customers is the breadth of solutions. Some of the best software that supports the first pillar is actually written by our customers within Universities...