SIEPI is a project funded by Regione Piemonte in the field of energy saving and lighting efficiency, both in indoor and outdoor environments (e.g. large industrial buildings, roads / highways, tunnels). The experience gained so far by the project consortium in the field of illumination indicates the existence of large areas of intervention for the improvement of energy management at these sites against contained investments. At present the consortium is operating with centralized systems based on devices housed in the electrical distribution cabinets.
The main goal of this project is to improve existing systems with a further development and integration through industrial research and in particular through pre-competitive development. The new SIEPI system will target the rationalization of lighting of new or already existing installations,  with new devices, more efficient and easily manageable by operators, in addition to the provision of precise telemetry of electrical networks and other services useful to both businesses and public administrations. The technology developed in the SIEPI project will allow to obtain significant energy savings and efficiency in the usage of traditional gas-discharge lamps (e.g. SAP lamps, JM, fluorescent tubes), which are the most used lamps for large lighting installations, and will introduce also a monitoring and remote control solution with the use of distributed sensors networks and cloud computing (Internet Of Things).