Mobisoft is one of the Middle East’s market leaders in developing and implementing enterprise mobile products and solutions. For the past 10 years, Mobisoft continuously supported its clients to accelerate business cycles, increase productivity, reduce operating cost and extend respective infrastructure by integrating systems with enterprise mobile business solutions.

Recently, Mobisoft has concentrated on delivering its mobile solutions as products to customers all over the Middle East region, with the ambition to go beyond the region. This requires a robust and scalable operational environment, that should keep up and running all the time and can grow with company’s expansions to newer customers and markets, without focusing on the current infrastructure and any HW limitations. Additionally there is also a challenge to quickly build and deploy new products to the market. For these reasons Mobisoft started focusing on cloud computing to avoid burdening its own data centers, & our initial direction had been to use an IaaS model and build our SaaS on top of that, but this approach has been changed with Azure.

In February 2012, Mobisoft received an invitation from Microsoft Innovation Center to attend the Cloud Camp to learn and experience Windows Azure and explore its capabilities. Three members from Mobisoft’s team attended the event and explored the platform.

From Mobisoft's perspective:

Through the Cloud Camp, we got free access and valuable support from Microsoft to migrate one of our mobile products to the cloud & we started with our pre-developed application called "Wenak", an Arabic name means "Where are you?" "Wenak" allows mobile users to share their locations within their network using their integrated GPS and wireless network, and at the back end there is a web application for registration, adding of friends and browsing the location data.

Mobisoft spent a few days converting the application from the current data center platform to the Azure environment, and the deployment took just a few minutes. The most important thing is that we could avoid having to access and configure the server which is an inevitable task when using IaaS.

We, at Mobisoft, feel grateful to the Azure; Microsoft team manages, for maintaining and monitoring their servers and this allows Mobisoft to focus on its own applications and services. The new platform gives us a greater exposure and helps us to scale up so that customers from around the world can access our services reliably. Additionally, Mobisoft can experiment with new offering and enhance the customers experience because of the faster time to market and flexible development environment.