MIC Brno and our strong partner - South Moravian Innovation Centre, has launched a new worldwide initiative in Brno, Czech Republic, today.

Businesses can apply for an innovation voucher worth up to 4.000 EUR and cooperate with one of twelve research institutions located in Brno.

Startups can use this “innovation credit” to accelerate their work on any of the following:

  •       Product / process / service development

    •    Testing and measurements

    •    Feasibility studies

    •    Prototyping

    •    Product design

    •    Business plan for an innovative product

    •    Economic impact assessment

    •    Market analysis / Marketing strategy

    •    Innovation / technological audit

    •    New business model development

You will find more information in the press release at  www.innovationvouchers.cz.

There is a lot of world-class IT research, especially in security, voice recognition, image processing, etc. also non-IT in BioTech, robotics and material engineering.

You can apply till 2nd May. Results will be known on May 17th