Bizspark Camp –
Windows 7 Modern Applications

The Microsoft Innovation Centre Vitoria participates in a pilot project of the 100
MICs in the world – BizsparkCamp – Windows 7 Modern Applications.  The
program is targeted toward starturps, and has 3 steps: Event, Hands on Lab
(HOL), and Proof of Concept (PoC). The event opened with 67 participants, with
35% of startups; the next step is the HoL (training); and, finally, will be
selected 1 (a) startup to participate in the PoC, where the team of MIC Vitoria
will prototype a company's product for Windows 7.


Elizabeth Merlo, MIC Vitoria Manager, highlights: "this is a sequence of actions to
promote the access and the use of technologies that enable the implementation
of modern applications in Windows 7. It involves the whole chain it: the
developer, the infrastructure architect, companies will hire these services,
schools with new courses, and the end user, who has "prompts" these
resources. We are confident that will leverage the opportunity for our local IT
economy. "




SharePoint Event

On 22/05, the MIC Vitoria brought the team of Channel SharePoint to present the
TechShare event: SharePoint 2010, portals, Web 2.0 and social networking. It
was possible with local partner sponsorship of FAESA and VixTeam, and with the
support of the PMI-ES, Sucesu-ES and Sebrae-ES.  Attended by 85
participants which are professional developers, it architects, project managers
and users of portals, where 95% declared "very satisfied".


The focus of the event was in troubleshooting Microsoft SharePoint, presented in
lecture technical specialists Bruno Velaz, Guilherme Gouveia, Heber Lopes,
Wagner Amorin and Rodrigo Romano. The high point of the event was the section
of "hand-in-weight", where the team held a provisioning SharePoint
Server from scratch, and also created a Web-part from the beginning.



Academic Day at UFES

The Microsoft Innovation Center of Vitoria in partnership with the Collegiate of
science of the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES) held the Microsoft
Academic Day, with the theme "Microsoft platform and interoperability with
open source".


The event, supported by Inflor, attended lectures of Roberto Prado, Manager of
Microsoft's market Strategies Brazil, Walter Dias, Academic Manager responsible
for Students to Business, and Otávio Pecego Coelho, Chief Architect of Cloud


Prof. Jadir Lucas, Coordinator of the Undergraduate Science, commented that "the
opportunities presented will be very leveraged by students of the course".
Elizabeth Merlo complements: "It is very honoured to receive this team of



Cup of Talents at
Espirito Santo

The Microsoft Innovation Center of Vitoria in partnership with the UVV –
Universitary Center of  Vila Velha codirected the event Microsoft Cup of


The lectures were offered by the MIC Vitoria Manager, Elizabeth Merlo, and Jamil
Lopes, Microsoft MVP and specialist Corp in Windows experience. Jamil presented
details about the Microsoft Cup of Talents, brought news about Windows 7,
Windows Server and MS Office, and focused on job opportunities for
professionals who opt for IT career.


Cristiano Biancardi, Coordinator of the Course of Computer Science of UVV, underscored
the importance of the event for students, and gives a rapprochement with the
MIC victory.