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  • Blog Post: Unlocking potential in Peru with gain in technology skills

    Nancy Ferradas, Microsoft Peru Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) is a nonprofit in Peru that operates in eight locations around the country, including Ayacucho, Lima, San Juan de Lurigancho, San Martin, Huanuco and Apurimac, to provide support and assistance to girls facing difficult domestic conditions...
  • Blog Post: Even “genies” need precise record-keeping and a professional homepage

    Bernadette Szilagyi, Unlimited Program Manager, Microsoft Hungary The goal of Csodalámpa Alapítvány in Hungary is to fulfill the wishes of children suffering from serious illnesses, thus alleviating their pain and bringing some change to the routine of coping with their condition...
  • Blog Post: WWF: Green technology for nature

    There’s an increasing number of organizations focusing on making investments in communications technology and equipment that will generate savings in energy and travel costs over time. The World Wildlife Federation in Finland is doing just that. “We avoid unnecessary travel by using new...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2012 is Now Available for Nonprofits

    Windows Server 2012 has been launched and we’re delighted to announce it’s available to nonprofits through our nonprofit software donations program . Windows Server 2012 brings exciting changes, enhanced features and a simpler licensing model. If your nonprofit is growing or you’re seeking to upgrade...

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