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  • Blog Post: Top five Microsoft Citizenship posts of 2010

    As the year comes to an end it’s a great opportunity to both look forward to the coming year and review what’s happened over the past twelve months. We thought it would be interesting to highlight the top stories on the blog for 2010 as voted by our readers through their visits. It...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft’s 2010 Citizenship Report Released

    Read a good book lately? If not, try “Social Responsibilities of Business Corporations. Sorry to disappoint you Kindle and Nook junkies but it likely isn’t available for download since it was published in 1971. Amazing isn’t it? Corporate Social Responsibility (we call it Corporate...
  • Blog Post: Citizenship in Times Square

    Earlier Dan posted how this is the first time we have released our Citizenship report at the same time as our Annual Financial Report to provide a more holistic view of the work underway around Microsoft. One of the added benefits of this coordination was seeing our 2010 Citizenship report on the famous...

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