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  • Blog Post: Winning Paralympic swimmer makes a big splash

    Stephen Campbell is a man who doesn't let obstacles get in his way. A swimmer since his youth, he lost his sight at the age of 16, but that didn't stop him pursuing his passion for the sport. He began competing in high performance swimming at the age of 17, breaking two swimming records when he competed...
  • Blog Post: European students helping nonprofits with technology

    Sylvie Laffarge, Director Community Affairs Europe at Microsoft. Last December we announced the Tech Talent 4 Good pilot program, which offered European IT students an internship with a nonprofit, charitable organization in Europe and following a competitive selection process, ten internships were...
  • Blog Post: What is CSR and Citizenship at Microsoft?

    Brad Smith , general counsel and executive vice president, Legal and Corporate Affairs at Microsoft recently spoke at the Boston College for Corporate Citizenship 2012 International Corporate Citizenship Conference about what CSR and Citizenship means at Microsoft. He covered a range of areas from...
  • Blog Post: Geena Davis: If Girls Can See It, They Can Be It

    Editor’s Note: Earlier this week Geena Davis visited our campus in Redmond Washington to meet with Microsoft employees and speak about the lack of gender equality. It was a fascinating visit. This story originally appeared on our Inside Track employee publication. By Jennifer Warnick, reporter...
  • Blog Post: CSR is breaking down the corporate silos

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a roundtable on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) hosted by PR Week magazine here in New York. Joining me around the table were my counterparts at some of world’s leading brands – including McDonald’s; Chevron; Campbell’s;...

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