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  • Blog Post: Happy International Mother Language Day!

    By: Lauren Woodman, Microsoft General Manager, Partners in Learning While you still have a few months to send your mom flowers for Mother’s Day, today we take time to appreciate our Mother tongue. As designated by UNESCO , International Mother Language Day reminds us of the need to preserve...
  • Blog Post: Speak from the Heart: Preserving Languages through Technology and Youth

    Language is a key driver of human connection. And yet, every two weeks, a language goes extinct . It is estimated that if nothing is done, half of the 6,000+ languages spoken today will disappear at the end of the century. The loss of these languages – often unwritten and undocumented – will...
  • Blog Post: How technology can help local languages

    Today there are nearly 7,000 languages spoken around the world and scientists estimate that three languages become extinct every month and over half of all languages are in danger of becoming extinct before the end of this century.  Just think of the knowledge and history that’s lost when a language...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Adds the Cherokee Language to Windows 8

    Editor’s note: Today we’re announcing support for the Cherokee language in Windows 8 as part of the Microsoft Local Language Program . The availability is a testament to the Cherokee Nation and their continued commitment to strengthen their language and sustain their culture for future generations...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Partners with the Alsace Regional Council to Preserve Alsatian

    The traditional language of France’s Alsace region, on its eastern border, is Alsatian, a dialect of German that is currently endangered. Although an estimated sixty percent of Alsatians can speak this dialect, only about thirty-five percent are fluent. Furthermore, the majority of the fluent speakers...
  • Blog Post: Technology Helps Peru Preserve Quechua Language

    In Peru, more than three million people speak Quechua, making the language the most common language of the indigenous people of the Americas. While Quechua has a rich and vibrant history that has carried forward with the vast numbers of people who speak the language today, that legacy has not always...

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