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  • Blog Post: A Giant Step for Workforce Training Collaboration

    Last week the White House announced the inaugural grants of the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) that included the National Fund for Workforce Solutions (NFWS), as one of 11 award recipients. The two-year, $7.7 million award will fund an expansion of existing training programs in several of 23 NFWS sites...
  • Blog Post: Announcing Microsoft Elevate America nonprofits grant program

    Today we are launching the Elevate America community initiative , a new grant program that will support nonprofit organizations offering employment services, including technology skills training and job placement, in local communities across the United States. To support this initiative, we are committing...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to the Unlimited Potential Blog

    Microsoft Unlimited Potential (UP) was launched by Bill Gates in 2007 as a company-wide effort to bring together business and philanthropic approaches to make technology more relevant, accessible, and affordable; encouraging close collaboration among businesses, local governments, educational institutions...
  • Blog Post: Accelerating Change through Technology

    In 2007 we launched the Microsoft Unlimited Potential program to focus on getting the power of technology to underserved communities around the world, and in the intervening period we have learned a lot and we’ve seen some exciting results from our partnerships and our investments. Recently...
  • Blog Post: Extending our commitment to help U.S. Veterans find employment

    Returning U.S. veterans face major challenges finding civilian employment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics October unemployment report showed that the unemployment rate among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans was 12.1 percent compared with 8.4 percent for nonveterans. A year ago we announced a program...
  • Blog Post: Putting a spotlight on the opportunity divide for youth around the world

    Today the International Youth Foundation has released a report that looks at the growing education and social challenges facing youth around the world. At a time when we have more young people – 1.2 billion – than at any time in the planet’s history, there’s an urgent need to provide them with the education...

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