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  • Blog Post: Provide our youth with skills and the opportunities will follow

    Patna in Bihar, India is a place where you run into development experts from around the world from the World Bank to the Asian Development Bank, UK Department for International Development, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The challenges and opportunities in Bihar are what draw all of these...
  • Blog Post: The Silver Lining in the Fight against Poverty

    Pictured Above: Grameen Koota borrowers gather to repay their loans at a Kendra (Center) Meeting in Karnataka State It was that awkward shuffle. I was standing in the aisle as our flight was loading. Despite repeated requests at the check-in desk, my wife and I did not get seats together, so I...
  • Blog Post: New Grass on Old Turf

    Vikas Goswami, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Microsoft India “ Helping people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential” is not just a tag line at Microsoft; it is our way of life, work and fun. For the last five years it has been incorporated into...
  • Blog Post: “Ask Me Anything” with Senior Director Akhtar Badshah

    Our Senior Director of Citizenship Akhtar Badshah, who leads Microsoft’s global corporate philanthropy and community initiatives, recently traveled to India to accept an award for Global CSR Excellence and Leadership at the World CSR Congress, where he spoke about Microsoft YouthSpark as an example...

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