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  • Blog Post: Top five Microsoft Citizenship posts of 2010

    As the year comes to an end it’s a great opportunity to both look forward to the coming year and review what’s happened over the past twelve months. We thought it would be interesting to highlight the top stories on the blog for 2010 as voted by our readers through their visits. It...
  • Blog Post: The Magic of Mouse Mischief in Haiti

    Cynthia Bogard, Edeyo Foundation How long does it take kids who have never seen a computer before to “get” how to manipulate a mouse to make it click on an answer or choose a color and draw a circle? About 15 minutes, if our students in Haiti are any indication. Students...
  • Blog Post: Rebuilding Haiti, One Story At a Time

    Frank Schott, Global Program Director, NetHope One year later, another chance to reflect upon the international humanitarian response to the earthquake’s devastation in Haiti. There are many stories to tell; some that are filled with inspiration and courage and others that are filled with disappointment...
  • Blog Post: Building Haiti Back Better

    Kristin Peterson, Inveneo CEO and Co-Founder The Haitian education system had its challenges before the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Eighty percent of schools were private. Both public and private schools were under-resourced in basic infrastructure – from classrooms to teachers – and...
  • Blog Post: A Tale of Two Cities: Prepare, Respond, Rebuild

    Originally Posted on the Microsoft on the issues blog by Orlando Ayala Corporate Vice President, Chairman Emerging Markets From the National Security Leaders Forum in Cartagena, Colombia. The event brings together leaders in the public and private sector to discuss helping transform multi-agency operational...

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