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  • Blog Post: Supporting relief efforts in Japan

    We have all been shocked and saddened by the images and reports coming from Japan. It is a human tragedy on a massive scale. To help support ongoing relief efforts, Microsoft is making an initial commitment of $2 million, which includes $250,000 in cash as well as in-kind contributions such as...
  • Blog Post: How technology is helping distribute food in Japan

    Food shortages and distribution issues have become a major problem in the aftermath of the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In many areas, supermarket shelves are empty, particularly as people stock up on food and other items as they face uncertainty around the nuclear situation in the country...
  • Blog Post: Update on New Zealand Earthquake

    A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Canterbury Province in New Zealand (population: 440,000) Monday just before midnight local time. There are approximately 75 fatalities confirmed with a potential for that number to reach more than 300. The New Zealand government has declared a state of emergency and...
  • Blog Post: Just a few meters can make all the difference

    In the original truck used by Padre Alberto Hurtado, the founder of Hogar de Cristo, with (left to right) Father Moreira, myself, Susana Tonda, Gerardo Villalpando, Marcelo Bahamonde Today I had the opportunity to get out and visit some of our partners in Chile. We started about 50 kilometers south...
  • Blog Post: Our thoughts are with the people in Japan

    It is with great concern we are seeing the images from Japan. The scene of the devastation is quite amazing. It will be a while for all of us to get a full sense of the disaster and its impact. Our team in Japan was in fact hosting a conversation with 30 NGO representatives from our Community Technology...

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