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  • Blog Post: The importance of technology leadership for nonprofits

    Last week, Microsoft Community Affairs hosted a Nonprofit Technology Leaders Summit on Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington. The summit brought together leaders from a variety of our nonprofit partners, including NetHope , NPower , NTEN , and others. We spent two days discussing the role technology...
  • Blog Post: How nonprofits can use the cloud, save money and increase impact

    Microsoft Community Affairs and TechSoup recently hosted a webinar focused on how moving to the cloud can benefit nonprofits. If you’ve been paying attention to the latest tech trends - or even if you haven’t - then you have probably heard the term “cloud” thrown around a lot. At a basic level, “The...
  • Blog Post: Seattle Works Redefines its Office Space with the Cloud

    Last Friday we had the pleasure of announcing Seattle Works as one of three worthy winners of the Tech for Good Contest sponsored by Microsoft and TechSoup. With so many great entries, it was hard to pick just three winners, but Seattle Works rose to the top for their innovative use of the cloud as a...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Brings Smart Buildings to Seattle

    By Dan Sytman, Senior Public Relations Manager, Citizenship & Public Affairs Microsoft Senior Director Bill Mitchel has a great post today about using Microsoft technology to reduce buildings’ carbon footprints while making those buildings cost less to operate. Bill, who works in Microsoft’s...
  • Blog Post: Unleashing Technology to Advance Social Change

    Technology can be an amazing tool for social and economic development. It can help people get a better education, learn new skills to earn a living wage, or start a business. It can also enable organizations to meet community needs by broadening access to healthcare, education micro-banking and other...
  • Blog Post: A Pre-day in the Cloud at the Nonprofit Technology Conference

    Yesterday was a "pre-day" for the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) here in Washington DC. Microsoft's Community Affairs team hosted a "Day in the Cloud," a series of sessions providing a deeper look at some of the online tools and how they can be useful for nonprofits. The day's sessions...
  • Blog Post: Foundation Nepal: Nonprofit technology and cloud computing

    Eamon Stack, CEO of ENCLUDE A few weeks ago, my colleague Sylvester and I developed a cloud computing solution for a charity based in Galway, in the beautiful West of Ireland. The charity, Foundation Nepal , is a mission-driven organization whose founders, Nicky Deasy and Amber Walsh Olesen, are its...
  • Blog Post: Earth Day 2011: Cloud Computing…can it help?

    By Rob Bernard Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft The global scale of climate and energy challenges is daunting. As world population approaches the 7 billion mark a growing majority people now live in cities. These billions of new urbanites need energy; energy for lights, for heating, for cooling;...

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