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  • Blog Post: Environmental Sustainability @ Microsoft: A Progress Report

    Over the past few weeks we’ve posted several important public reports on our progress advancing environmental sustainability at Microsoft, including the Environmental Sustainability chapter in our just-released 2011 Citizenship Report and our 7 th annual filing with the independent Carbon Disclosure...
  • Blog Post: Foundation Nepal: Nonprofit technology and cloud computing

    Eamon Stack, CEO of ENCLUDE A few weeks ago, my colleague Sylvester and I developed a cloud computing solution for a charity based in Galway, in the beautiful West of Ireland. The charity, Foundation Nepal , is a mission-driven organization whose founders, Nicky Deasy and Amber Walsh Olesen, are its...
  • Blog Post: The Silver Lining in the Fight against Poverty

    Pictured Above: Grameen Koota borrowers gather to repay their loans at a Kendra (Center) Meeting in Karnataka State It was that awkward shuffle. I was standing in the aisle as our flight was loading. Despite repeated requests at the check-in desk, my wife and I did not get seats together, so I...
  • Blog Post: Earth Day 2011: Cloud Computing…can it help?

    By Rob Bernard Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft The global scale of climate and energy challenges is daunting. As world population approaches the 7 billion mark a growing majority people now live in cities. These billions of new urbanites need energy; energy for lights, for heating, for cooling;...

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