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  • Blog Post: Youth innovating for good in China

    By Crossing Wang, Community Affairs Manager and Sze-Yunn Pang, Citizenship Manager What happens when you have 130 smart, energetic, and committed young people together for a day and a half? In Beijing recently we had a heady mix of enthusiasm, networking, great conversations and some fantastic ideas...
  • Blog Post: Sichuan two years on

    Who could forget more than 68,000 people killed, countless homes destroyed and lives shattered in the Sichuan earthquake of 2008? Yet even as many of the rebuilding projects are moving well and many of the people have been re housed attention now turns to the economic sustainability of the region. ...
  • Blog Post: Social Innovation in China

    By Akhtar Badshah, Senior Director, Citizenship and Public Affairs, Microsoft On my recent trip to China I visited the Non Profit Incubator (NPI) which is a nonprofit that promotes social innovation and cultivates social entrepreneurs in China by providing crucial support to start-up and small to medium...

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