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  • Blog Post: Startup Businesses Get a Helping Hand

    Microsoft Malaysia aims to reach 500 successful Malaysian companies within three years with its recently launched Microsoft BizSpark program. The BizSpark program gives startups access to Microsoft development tools, platform technologies, as well as other products to bring to new, innovative solutions...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Helps Latin American Political Leaders Advance ICT

    In 2005, Microsoft started working with the Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) of the George Washington University in Washington, DC on a program supported by the Andean Development Corporation to incorporate an ICT and Governability content module into the school’s special program...
  • Blog Post: From friendly competition to helping business save energy

    Amine Chouaieb is the 27 year-old CEO of his own company CHIFCO , and a great example of what is possible when youth have both access to technology and the support needed to develop the skills to help them realize their full potential. In partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization...

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