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  • Blog Post: Welcome to Microsoft Setup Blog

    Welcome to my blog. My name is Mert and i work as an Technology Architect for Microsoft MEA. In this blog i will share my thoughts and experiences regarding the variuos enterprise desktop solutions which i am helping my customers with. I will highly appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance
  • Blog Post: Virtual Approach to Traditional Software Deployment and Maintenance Issues

    Most organizations are still struggling with maintaining their non-packaged and legacy software deployments as part of the client management lifecycle. Although there are several tools to automate software deployment, the overall process still includes lots of manual tasks which causes high labour and...
  • Blog Post: Setup.exe Command Options

    Several ISVs use installer technology that produces Setup.exe executable installers. These installers use a variety of command options but usually expose these options to the /? option. Many Setup.exe installers were created by earlier versions of the InstallShield application-packaging utility. Prepare...
  • Blog Post: Typical desktop challenges for a manufacturing company

    Last week i engaged with a leading manufacturing company and discussed with them on how desktop virtualization might ease some of their current desktop challenges. here are some of their typical issues which i see as very common in most of the organizations: rising cost of desktop management and...