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  • Blog Post: Hyper-V Attack Surface

    An important part of Virtualization security is to secure the physical host which is Hyper-V in our case. The link below includes a spreadsheet you can download that lists all the attack surfaces for Windows Server 2008. Hyper-V Attack Surface Reference Workbook
  • Blog Post: Dynamic Desktops to support High Performance Workplaces

    What is a high-performance workplace and how do we define it. Here is the Gartner definition; “A high-performance workplace focuses on increasing people's influence on a business, as well as the impact of processes, methods, physical environment, and technology and tools that enhance their work. To...
  • Blog Post: Risk Assessment Template

    Risk assesment is an important part of my job. My customers always pay attention on what risks i discover in their environment since i have a more neutral view into their organization. Risk assessment is a great way to find direction and gives a holistic view on whats really going on with the subject...
  • Blog Post: Typical risks for virtual desktop solutions

    Hi, as part of my engagements i always try to assess the risks of my proposed solutions or technologies and share it with the organization. Its a qualitative type of risk assessment and aims to point the weak areas in the proposed solution(environmental, culture, people, technology etc) . Since virtualization...
  • Blog Post: Reacting to Laptop Theft

    Laptop theft is a significant threat to users of laptop computers. Organizations can loose hardware, software, and essential data that has not been backed up . Thieves also may have access to sensitive corporate data and personal information. The Computer Security Institute/FBI Computer Crime & Security...