This Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS): Deployment, Administration and Troubleshooting 3 day workshop is designed to help customers address the significant changes to identity and managing access to resources; that have developed thanks to Web Service (WS-*) standards and interoperability. It is difficult to make a suitable choice with so many alternatives. This often results in poor selection and imposes limitation on authentication and authorization for how the applications will be accessed in future. This workshop puts concepts of claims based authentication and authorization into action, and helps organizations to deploy Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS).

This workshop will give attendees the knowledge to understand the requirements and approaches involved in implementing federated authentication, and will enable them to deploy and troubleshoot AD FS. The workshop covers the ADFS components up to ADFS 3.0 (Windows Server 2012 R2).

After attending this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand Claims-Based Identity and Authentication
  • Plan and Deploy AD FS Server in an Enterprise
  • Configure Claims-Based Application
  • Troubleshoot AD FS issues


Module 1: Planning and Deployment in the Enterprise:
This module provides an overview of ADFS Planning and Deployment and how to install ADFS, use a managed service account, install the ADFS Proxy and setup federation trust with other organization.

Module 2: Application Types and Supported Standards:
This module discusses sing sign on for intranet application and federated access. This will also cover Kerberos Device and User Claims, Authentication Assurance mechanism and different ADFS  token types

Module 3: Work place join:
This module presents new features introduced in ADFS 3.0 such as: workplace join, work folders, Web Application Proxy (WAP) and Publishing non-claims aware application with ADFS.

Module 4: Authentication Policies and Multi-Factor Authentication:
This module covers WebSSO from Domain Join and workplace join with different authentication types, Password reset/Notification/Soft Account lock out

Module 5: Advanced Concepts:
This module focuses on the advanced AD FS topic like attribute store, IdP Initiated sign-on, Home Realm discovery and customizing the look and feel of ADFS UI and Web Pages.

Module 6: Troubleshooting:
This module provides troubleshooting steps to identify issues related to: Single Sign On, Authentication prompts, Certificates, Workplace joins.

Target Audience

This workshop is targeted for Architects, Developers and IT administrators.

Attendees must possess knowledge of the following:

  • Active Directory

  • XML Document and Schema

  • HTTP Protocol/Troubleshooting

  • SQL/Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)

Level 300

(Levels: 100= Strategic / 200= technical Overview / 300= technical Expert Level)


The workshop will be held in German.


Please send your registration mail to your Microsoft Technical Account Manager (TAM) or visit our Microsoft Services Blog.