May, 2013

  • New evidence to spark the national education conversation

    Posted by Anthony Salcito
    Vice President, Worldwide Education, Microsoft

    A new study sponsored by Microsoft Partners in Learning and the Pearson Foundation provides clear evidence linking 21st century skills and student engagement in school with higher quality of work later in life.


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  • The battle of the sexes; what new data reveal

    Posted by Jacqueline Beauchere
    Chief Online Safety Officer, Microsoft

    The one thing on which men and women always seem to agree is that they can rarely agree on anything. Asking directions may be the perfect example. Yet in today’s data-driven world, there is perhaps one social attitude that men and women have in common: Mobile phone habits can be very annoying, and people should exercise better etiquette.

    Results released today from Microsoft’s Safer Online poll identified five mobile pet peeves that both men and women find most annoying.

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  • Microsoft takes botnet threat intelligence program to the cloud; provides near real-time data

    Posted by TJ Campana
    Director of Security, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

    Protecting people is at the forefront of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit’s fight against cybercrime.

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  • Skilling youth and supporting Africa’s entrepreneurs will foster structural transformation

    Editor's Note: The following is a guest post from Dr. Agnes Soucat, Director for Human Development, African Development Bank.

    It’s an exciting time in Africa. The continent is emerging as an investment opportunity for the private sector. The IT revolution especially in mobile technology has transformed Africa.

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  • Microsoft D.C. TechFair 2013 showcases the future of technology

    Posted by Jeff Meisner
    Editor, Microsoft on the Issues

    This week, Microsoft Research hosted DC TechFair, providing the Washington, DC community with an inside look at the future trends and technology areas that are changing the face of computing.

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  • Improving transparency by ending anonymous patents

    Posted by Horacio Gutierrez
    Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft

    Recording ownership in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s assignment database is at present voluntary, with the result that records of patent ownership are often inaccurate and incomplete.

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  • Which state will be next to recognize computer science as a math or science credit in high school?

    Posted by Brad Smith
    General Counsel & Executive Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft

    Yesterday, Washington took an important step in helping create new opportunities for our state’s children and our economy.

    Brad Smith, General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Legal & Corporate Affairs at Microsoft and several students look on as Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee signs SHB1472 into law at Rainier Beach High School in Seattle.

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  • Minding the privacy gap

    Posted by Mary Snapp
    Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Microsoft’s new consumer privacy campaign and a quiz we developed – Your Privacy Type (YPT) – for consumers to gauge where they fall on the privacy continuum.

    Thus far, the campaign and the YPT quiz have generated discussion and positive reactions in the U.S., the United Kingdom and Germany. We’re also seeing strong engagement with consumers on our website, which has been localized to German and now French as our advertising expands into France this week.

    As part of the launch of the Your Privacy Type quiz, we surveyed 4,000 consumers in the U.K., France, U.S. and Germany (1,000 in each market) to gain a quantitative perspective of how they felt about privacy issues (using the same questions as our quiz online). We looked at the privacy behaviors and “privacy type” for each market and found some interesting results.

    Eighty-four percent of those polled expressed concern about their online privacy. That particular finding was not surprising by itself, but interesting when compared to only 47 percent of the respondents who were actively taking measures to protect their privacy online. There’s a wide gap between interest and action.

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  • Microsoft announces new TV white spaces project to connect students in Tanzania

    Posted by Paul Garnett
    Director, Technology Policy Group, Microsoft

    Today at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town, Microsoft announced a new pilot project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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  • Harnessing the power of apps for social and economic development across Asia and the Pacific

    Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Bindu Lohani, Vice President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, Asian Development Bank.

    Technology is playing an increasingly important role in how we think about solutions for global societal challenges. Take the apps revolution for a start. Apps are driving change at an incredibly fast pace - connecting millions more people to data and services.

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  • Toward building consumer trust and a Do Not Track solution

    Posted by Brendon Lynch
    Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft

    Last week, we launched a consumer privacy awareness campaign to educate people about the tools and technologies Microsoft provides to help protect their personal information online.

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  • Microsoft and Politico host conversation on technology and health care of the future

    Posted by Jeff Meisner
    Editor, Microsoft on the Issues

    On Tuesday, Microsoft and Politico hosted an interactive conversation addressing how innovative technologies are changing the policy and practice of health care. The discussion addressed the role technology can play in improving and changing health care, focusing on topics such as mobile medical apps and doctor-patient communication.

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  • U.S. issues annual Special 301 report on intellectual property rights

    Posted by Fred Humphries
    Vice President, U.S. Government Affairs, Microsoft

    Today, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative issued its “Special 301” report. This annual review of the state of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and enforcement around the world identifies both the progress and continuing challenges that exist with respect to IPR enforcement. In an unusual step, the Administration today designated Ukraine as a “priority foreign country” (PFC) which begins an investigation leading to possible sanctions consistent with trade statutes. Software piracy was identified as one of three issues that led to the designation.

    PFC designation is a serious tool in IPR enforcement.

    IPR protection is one of the key drivers of sustained economic growth and innovation, and Ukraine has enormous potential in this area. In July last year, Team quadSquad from Ukraine won the Imagine Cup, a world-wide competition sponsored by Microsoft for its winning project, Enable Talk, a software solution that transforms sign language into a form of verbal communication through sensor-equipped gloves and a mobile device. Without question, Ukraine has some of the best and brightest engineers and software developers who would benefit from a robust IPR regime. 

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  • Help us protect children

    Posted by Brad Smith
    General Counsel & Executive Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft

    The NASDAQ Stock Market dedicated yesterday’s market close to Kids In Need of Defense.

    Founded by Microsoft and Angelina Jolie in 2008, KIND’s mission is simple – ensuring due process and legal representation for unaccompanied children in immigration proceedings in the United States. The opportunity to ring the Closing Bell provided a moment in time to highlight the urgent need for more pro bono attorneys.

    Every year, thousands of lone children arrive in the United States, seeking safety and stability. They have fled their homes, countries and persecution, as well as severe abuse, abandonment, violent conflict, desperate poverty, forced marriage and female genital mutilation, among other hardships.

    Many are teenagers. Some are as young as two years old. Many have suffered in ways that no child should ever have to.

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