April, 2012

  • Recognizing Microsoft Visionary Teams on World IP Day

    Posted by Bart Eppenauer & Jason Albert
    Chief Patent Counsel & Associate General Counsel for IP Policy & Strategy, Microsoft

    Today is World IP Day, a day to celebrate how intellectual property fosters and encourages innovation and creativity. In honor of this day and the 2012 theme of recognizing “Visionary Inventors,” we would like to thank all the contributors to the company’s world-class Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio.

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  • Microsoft Testifies Before Senate Committee on the Future of Video

    Posted by Jeff Meisner
    Editor, Microsoft on the Issues

    Microsoft Media and Entertainment Group Corporate Vice President Blair Westlake testified before the Senate Commerce Committee yesterday regarding the future of video. The hearing was titled “The Emergence of Online Video: Is It the Future?”

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  • Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 12 Released

    Posted by Tim Rains
    Director, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft

    Today, we released the latest volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) containing a large body of new data and analysis on the threat landscape. This volume of the SIR includes:

    · Latest industry vulnerability disclosure trends and analysis

    · Latest data and analysis of global vulnerability exploit activity

    · Latest trends and analysis on global malware and potentially unwanted software

    · Latest analysis of threat trends in more than 100 countries and regions around the world

    · Latest data and insights on how attackers use spam and other e-mail threats

    · Latest global and regional data on malicious websites including phishing sites, malware hosting sites and drive-by download sites

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  • Broadband White Spaces – Ready to Go Global

    Posted by Dan Reed
    Corporate Vice President, Technology Policy Group, Microsoft

    Around the world, the demand for broadband is booming. This presents great opportunities, but also some challenges. Broadband fuels economic growth and enriches peoples’ lives, but unprecedented traffic levels mean the world’s communications networks are becoming increasingly congested. This is especially true for wireless networks, which use finite spectrum resources. (I discussed the implications of this in a blog post on Microsoft on the Issues last June).

    Fortunately, solutions to these challenges are within reach. Governments, academics and companies have come together to develop and demonstrate technologies that use spectrum more efficiently, thereby reducing wireless network congestion. Today marks the successful completion of a 10-month trial in Cambridge, England using “TV white spaces” spectrum.

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  • Microsoft Recognized by EPA as Leading Green Power Purchaser

    Posted by Rob Bernard
    Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft

    Last week, in my “Earth Day 2012: A progress report” blog post, I was happy to report that, through a combination of energy efficiency measures and an investment in high-quality externally verified renewable energy and carbon reduction projects, Microsoft met its goal of reducing our carbon emissions by at least 30 percent per unity of revenue below our 2007 baseline.

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  • Microsoft Named to CR Magazine’s 2012 Best Corporate Citizens List

    Posted by Lori Harnick
    General Manager, Citizenship & Public Affairs

    Corporate Responsibility Magazine has announced that Microsoft was named among the Top 3 Best Corporate Citizens for 2012. CR Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens List is known as one of the world’s top corporate responsibility rankings. Now in its thirteenth year, the list ranks companies based on publicly available information in seven categories: environmental impact, climate change, human rights, philanthropy, employee relations, financial performance and governance.

    It is a considerable honor to have been ranked so highly on this prestigious list alongside other companies that have devoted so much and made such sizable contributions to our society.

    Microsoft’s Director of North America Community Affairs Andrea Taylor (front row, third from left) attends the closing bell at the NYSE to celebrate the release of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens list
    Microsoft’s Director of North America Community Affairs Andrea Taylor (front row, third from left) attends the closing bell at the NYSE to celebrate the release of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens list

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  • Teaming Up to Fight Human Trafficking

    Posted by Steve Lippman
    Director, Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft

    Issues of forced labor and human trafficking for labor have gained increasing attention, as well they should. Earlier this month, a leading international agency – The International Organization for Migration – reported that it handled 43 percent more labor trafficking cases in 2011 than just three years before.

    This spring, I have had the opportunity to join several discussions between law enforcement officials, policy makers, human rights advocates, and businesses on ways to share information and resources to help tackle the problem of labor trafficking and forced labor.

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  • Earth Day 2012: A Progress Report

    Posted by Rob Bernard
    Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft

    Three years ago, Microsoft adopted a broad environmental strategy that included commitments both to reduce the impact of our operations and products and to accelerate the use of information technology in addressing serious environmental issues.

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  • Intellectual Property: The Engine of U.S. Economic Growth

    Posted by Jason Albert
    Associate General Counsel for IP Policy & Strategy, Microsoft

    Today, Victoria Espinel, the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, together with John Bryson, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and David Kappos, the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, released Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: Industries in Focus. This report is notable for what it shows about the role IP plays in driving U.S. jobs and economic growth.

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  • Microsoft Talks Corporate Spending in Politics

    Posted by Jeff Meisner
    Editor, Microsoft on the Issues

    Dan Bross, Senior Director, Corporate Citizenship at Microsoft, sat down recently with Marcel Bucsescu, Manager of Corporate Leadership at The Conference Board, to talk about the goals of the newly-formed Committee on Corporate Political Spending, of which Microsoft is a member.

    During the interview, Dan covered Microsoft’s political reporting principles, commitment to stakeholder dialogue, open disclosure on trade association engagement and the importance of corporate governance and transparency in political giving by corporations. On May 15, Dan will speak at the Conference Board Corporate Political Spending Conference in Washington, D.C. as part of Microsoft’s ongoing engagement in this important dialogue.

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  • Microsoft Public-Private Partnership Helps Seniors Get Healthy and Have Fun

    Posted by Bonnie Kearney
    Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - Accessibility & Aging

    Los Angeles seniors are achieving and maintaining a more active lifestyle, improving their general health, and more safely managing their health data, thanks to a public-private partnership that includes Microsoft, the City of Los Angeles, the Partners in Care Foundation, and St. Barnabas Senior Services. This program, called the “Exergamers Wellness Club,” combines evidence-based health education, exercise, and overall health monitoring. Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 serves as the exercise platform, while Microsoft HealthVault helps seniors store and monitor their health information in a trusted place online.

    Microsoft at St. Barnabas Senior Center
    Seniors in the Exergamers Wellness Club fist pump to a hip-hop workout routine on the Dance Central video game by HarmonixMTV.
  • Microsoft Urges U.S. Senate to Pass 'Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act'

    Posted by Brad Smith
    General Counsel & Executive Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft

    Today, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will begin receiving H-1B petitions filed by employers across America looking to secure the talents of some of the world’s brightest minds.

    Companies like Microsoft—who employ significant numbers of American workers and generate high-paying jobs both directly and indirectly—need to be able to meet their personnel needs with top talent to continue innovating and competing at the highest levels.

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